We offer opportunities

Innovations are born in Glarus and you can be a part of it! Kunststoff Schwanden AG manufactures high-tech injection-molded plastic parts and complex sub-assemblies.

Our customers include leading car manufacturers and companies making various household appliances, including those that may be in your home. We also develop and produce packaging solutions for the food industry, which you have probably encountered while shopping for groceries.

With us, you'll have the opportunity to do an apprenticeship in a versatile company and help shape the future. We currently employ around 20 apprentices in various fields.

Contact for apprentices

Ms. Tina Gröper, the head of our apprenticeship office, will be happy to answer your questions.

Innovative plastic parts

Plastics are high-quality materials characterized by their versatility, reliability, and low weight. We use injection molding technologies and various other processes to manufacture high-tech products from plastics. For the automotive industry, for example, we manufacture fuel caps, cooling water expansion tanks and brake systems. We supply the food industry with lids and coffee capsules. In the field of household appliances you will find our products, for example, on coffee machines or on surfaces of steamers and washing machines.

Apprenticeship fields

Our various apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to bring your knowledge, your technical understanding and your craftsmanship. You will work with experienced professionals who will introduce you to your new field. We encourage you to take the initiative early on and give you responsibility for smaller projects. As a special motivation for good performance at school and in the company, we also offer monthly performance bonuses. Your performance counts!

Together with others learning in our company, we will take you on excursions and offer you a promising future. We help you create the optimal foundation for your future.

The film "Lehrberufe" was produced by our apprentices, so that you can gain an insight into the working world of Kunststoff Schwanden.

Apprenticeship at Kunststoff Schwanden? In the job portal you will find our current vacancies